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  If wishes could be horses


If Wishes be Horses




How nice thing ever happens

If some magic make it reality

None helpless of hopeless life

With deprived favorable time


All are with own wanting lists

Concerning self or near- dears

For big & small matters of life

And the fond hearty intentions


Who cares to imagine prospect

Own place position & capacity

Or right & wrong stand logics

Before prying for Bliss Graces


Life has not been just any way

So why fear destined bad luck

And desire for any dear things

Which may or never come true


Who can predict destiny mood

Wishful Wishes may be Horses

On which the beggars can ride

And reach their Dream world!



Music now playing "Dancing with joy" played by John Torp

Used with permission


Background by John Torp

Copyright 2004-2007 Miss Kiran Mehta. All rights reserved.