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My Introduction

I am 60 years old self made Gujarati Jain woman. I had graduated in the faculty of commerce & had also taken a diploma in Business Administration with the specialization in Financial Management. I was working in the accounts department of a Ltd. Co. for about three decades. I was interested in Art & Literature since my childhood so used to read a lot on various subjects. Later on, I developed this interest in cultivating the flair for writing and I was writing the essays, articles & poems for my college magazines in English, Hindi & Gujarati, since I was considered well at all the three languages.


The writing work was reduced to a great extent, when I took up the job after my graduation. Since I was then obviously being very much tied up with the office assignments along with the responsibility of house hold courses. However, after my retirement, I could devote more of my Time & Energy in taking up my old hobby of writing.


I have sailed (lived) through Ghastly Tides & ever changing Winds of threatening Rough weather (difficulties) under the Testing Circumstances. I have witnessed the changing colors of the individuals & their behaviors. I have also seen & experienced the presence of Divine Powers of Angels. And finally, I have succeeded to reach my Dream Destination because of the Determination, Strong Will & Trusted Faith in the Almighty.


I thought of creating my own site for inspiring the readers through my Articles and Poems on various aspects of the life. I wish you all to enjoy & also get the flavor of the hidden message. I will be Happy & satisfied if anybody is motivated suitably to take the required benefit.

You can also have a look if you like on the following links, where you may find my interview profile which was published in English, Hindi & Gujarati news papers at different point of time with their impression of my web site.



Gujarati news paper "Divya Bhaskar" on 11-02-2005

English news paper "DNA" on 04-10-2005

English news paper "DNA" on 03-06-2006

Hindi news paper "Navbharat Times" on 30-07-2006



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